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August 7, 2012

3 Deadly Mistakes That Kill Your Chances of Finding Love


I’ve received so many questions about finding love (especially after divorce), I decided to develop a mini coaching course on the 3 very common and very deadly mistakes most of us make - or have made.

Go and get the course - there is no charge - it’s just a thank you for making my life rich and full.

The course includes a story about a 10 year relationship gone sour. The whys and who we tend to blame.

It only takes a few minutes to read. It comes in six emails … and yes there is an offer, so don’t be suprised.

If you are in a loving relationship, you probably know someone who isn’t, so send them this link where they can sign up on my website - .

Hope your summer is a fun one.

Coach Colleen

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July 21, 2009

Clean Cut Meets Nirvana - Never Gonna Give You Up


I saw this video and just had to pass it along. I love Rick Ashley’s songs, but I will admit his presence doesn’t match his voice. But today, I saw a mix of Rick Ashley and Seattle’s own Nirvana. Enjoy this, I sure did.

Coach Colleen

My opinion is go for what you want in a life partner. Do you REALLY know what you want? Discover your the desires of your heart and get ready for Total True Love - the kind of love you deserve.

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July 18, 2009

Find true love: Grampa and Tomaoes


I was searching for a recipe for making fertilizer for my tomato plants and this article came up. It’s about how what we learn as children impacts the rest of our lives through the eyes of Tony and his grandfather’s tomatoes … What we learn as children impacts our definition of love and has a huge influence on who we pick for partners. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not.
The key is being aware of your unconscious associations and then choosing what is right for you as an adult - not a child. Here is the intro paragraph and link to the entire article.

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes memories from your childhood tend to teach a lesson to us as grown-ups?I have a liking for Dahlias, Gladiolas and Roses. It’s the Dahlia from my childhood that gives me the inspiration to hold on to a dream and maybe become a stronger person.

Read the entire article.

My association with tomatoes is with my Granny. We lived in central Illinois where the heat index is perfect for tomatoes. One year there was a contest on the radio for the biggest tomato. Granny had a huge tomato on one of her 3 plants. The prize was something like $50. I convinced her to enter her big tomato and, guess what, she won. And, she gave me the prize money.

I was so proud. Besides being my favorite food (Illinois tomatoes), tomatoes remind me of my Granny whom I loved dearly. She was kind and giving. Kids and adults loved her. Everyone in my very small town called her Granny. I’ve aspired to be like her all my life.

Sit back and think of one of your childhood hero’s. Take a moment right now. Close your eyes and let a smile wash over your body. Have a great day.

Coach Colleen
Finding your own definition of true love and find your soulmate.

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July 14, 2009

Tap Into Your Essential Music Intelligence and Find True Love


I received this on FaceBook and thought I would pass along this small portion.

On July 22nd, there will be a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is also the day that is celebrated as Mary Magdalenes Feast Day. Mary Magdalene represents the Love Nature of Christ Consciousness, and she has held the sacred space for the return and balance of the Divine Feminine for millennia. On this day, the newly empowered Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within every man, woman, and child on Earth will be raised into the highest frequencies …

July 22… What a perfectly powerful time to begin your inner search for true love.

Coach Colleen
TTL taps your essential music intelligence to open the doors of your heart and mind to find true love.

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July 6, 2009

7 Ways to Look Skinnier

I use all of these ideas. I do avoid number 7 as much as humanly possible.

1. Wear cloths that fit.
2. Use lines and stipes to make you look taller.
3. If you have bigger hips, wear cloths that make your shoulder look equal. Big busted, make the hips look equal. It’s all about equal proportions.
4. If your legs are not your best attribute, don’t show them off - meaning no short shorts or mini skirts.
5. Show off the best part of you.
6. Don’t wear cloths that cling if you have something you don’t want to show off.
7. And, as my thin sister says ‘It’s all in the under garmets.”

If you want to know more details please visit 7 Slenderizing Fashion Strategies By Adam Glassman

If you want to find true love, please visit my site and discover the 5 step process for finding total true love.

Coach Colleen

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May 26, 2009

10 Year Anniversary - It’s Over… Or Is It Just Beginning

It is all a matter of perspective.

Our first 10 years together is over. Our celebratory vaction of those 10 years is over.

What is just beginning is our next 10 years together, the rest of our lives, tomorrow. I am choosing to celebrate new beginnings and that the next ten years bring as much fun, joy and happiness as the last.

Packed and ready, we cleaned the condo Maureen so graciously allowed us to use. Thank you Maureen!

One last stroll around Keaukea Bay, through the Sheraton hotel grounds and walking on the black lava rocks. We took a moment to sit on those black rocks teasing the salt spray to wet our travel clothes and said good bye to our volcanic ocean anniversary paradise. Awe, wonder, amazement, gratitude, inspiration, adventure and a basic love flowed from both of us. Thank you Hawaii. We’ll be back.


When is our anniversary vacation over? When do we change our mindset to our Seattle life? Hmmm… Do we have to? In some ways no, others yes. We do have to go to work. What if our work was to spin?


We decided that it would be over when we wake up tomorrow. Our plane landed at 11ish pm. We played with our little dog and fell into bed going on our 11th year anniversary.

Thanks for being the inspiration for reliving my anniversary in this blog. I’m remembering and smiling.

Coach Colleen
If you want anniversary celebrations like this one or if you want to create your own, discover the Total True Love Self-Awareness System where you first find yourself and then you find true love.

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May 19, 2009

In Search of Half-Brain Spinner Dolphins? Day 7

We set the alarm clock, both our cell phones and left the curtains open so we would not sleep through our boarding call.

Mar and I and ten other dolphin seekers hung out on the dock as our captain interacted with the local police. As I walked up to the pier at Keauhou Bay, I had heard the sound of metal on metal: a boat trailer had kissed the bumper of a parked truck. As we sat waiting for the police to take our captain’s driving info, there were a few jokes about our ‘Captain’s ability’ to drive boats versus cars.

30 minutes later we headed north out of Keauhea Bay in search of half-brain spinner dolphins. Let me explain.

In Search of Half-Brain Spinner Dolphins

Hawaii’s spinners feed in the deep ocean at night then come into protected bays to rest. How they rest is by turning off half their brains. According to Kelly our One Love One Spirit swim guide, they feel safe from predators in the shallow protected waters. I may have to do some more research on this.

It took us about 20 minutes to spot these graceful creatures slipping in and out of the water. In pursuit of dolphins
They too were heading north. After a dolphin etiquette lecture, we were slipped overboard as quietly as possible (NOT!).

In seconds, they swam past us. Three or four swam within 5-10 feet of me. Here the ARE!
More were in the background. Our encounter lasted only seconds. Then a herd of humans were frantically swimming in search of dolphins. Another one darted by. Then they were gone.

Tag, you’re it!

Back on the boat heading north we again saw them as they lived up to their name – leaping and spinning. It was an awesome sight. A baby even flapped his/her tail at us. What was the message? Leave me alone! I actually think it was more like Ha Ha, you can’t catch me! or Tag, you’re it! Then, they were off again with us in pursuit.

We did two more full group drops. On the third drop, the dolphin contact was slight but the sun penetrating the deep waters (over 100 feet) was glorious. Away from the herd of humans, I spread my arms wide and spun in a slow circle drinking in the vastness of forever.

Back on board our pontoon boat, the captain asked ‘Want to snorkel or drop again with the dolphins? Four of us wanted to go with the dolphins, and I am so glad we did. I had snorkled all week, I wanted dolphin encounters.

That fourth drop was by far the longest and most interesting. I am holding to the idea that the dolphins knew that the four of us were safe and truly respected the fact that we were visiting their home. They swam past, turned and came back.

Rather than swimming after them, I decided to just be still. Off to my left, a lone dolphin caught my eye. He (somehow, I felt it was a he) just hung suspended a few feet below the surface. I watched.

I had talking with our dolphin tour master from One Love One Spirit, Julia, for a couple of weeks. She was so excited for us and kept telling me about life-transforming experiences after swimming with these incredible creatures. I wanted one of those life-transforming experiences.

I didn’t have that type of experience in the moment, but you know I cannot get that lone dolphin out of my mind. I can visualize him as I write this. Maybe a life insight will come later. My intention for swimming with these playful mammals was to learn play.

Well, watching them play in the wake of our boat, flap their tails at us and spin in the air for no reason that was apparent to me was so captivating in the moment that I couldn’t think of how that translated to my life. Hmmm…. Maybe it was just that – being in the moment.

A Dolphin Jungle Gym

Earlier a dolphin watching boat passed in front of us. For the dolphins it wasn’t a boat, it was a water jungle gym. The 40-foot boat purposely left a big wake. Our captain slowed down and said we might as well watch the show because we would have to wait for the wake to dissipate. The line of wake exploded with dolphins jumping… surfing… diving… spinning… again… again… and again.

I have seen a lot of dolphins playing in the wakes of boats, but this was by far the best 1 minute show I’d ever seen. Playing just because.

I’m going to have to place the questions in my subconscious about what specifically I can take away from my dolphin playground adventure. What did that lone dolphin say to me? I need to be still and listen. I do know that I don’t have to be in visual contact to communicate with him. I’ll keep you posted.

The rest of today… what did we do?

A shower, a nap and into the Kona tourist district plus a little driving around to see what’s here and search for a special anniversary dinner location.

Today was our actual anniversary

We wanted to have a special dinner to celebrate our accomplishment. We couldn’t bear sitting inside even if there was a view. We stumbled onto a sand-floor, beach-front table and settled in to watch the sunset and the sunset hula show. It was marvelous. We acknowledged our first 10 years together, toasted each other and our next 10 years.

We forgot the camera, so here is a tourist photo from the Trip Advisor site. Wonderful Memories
Thanks AZlovesHI for the great photo. We are going on our 11-year anniversary!
We both agreed that we were (are) the luckiest people in the world. We are so glad we are with each other. We sat in silence relishing that moment - smiling.

Thank You

We both would like to thank all of you who have supported us on our life journeys. We occasionally talk about our past relationships to clarify rather than compare with today. Like the dolphins, we have learned to live as much as possible in the moment. It really helps us to be present to each other. We have learned a lot…. Hmmm… lessons from our 10 years together. Look for this in the near future.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Off to pack and home tomorrow.

Coach Colleen and Mar
Once I discovered what love meant to me, I meant Mar. At the request and encouragement of friends, I put what I did into a system that you to can use to find your true love.

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70 Miles to Civilization: Day 6

We left our ocean view hideaway today, said goodbye to our turtle friends and headed towards Kona 70 miles and 2 hours away.

Following recommendations from our friends Terry and LeAnn, we stopped at Two Step beach (that’s what the locals call it) and the Place of Refuge.

The Place of Refuge was a safe haven for those who had offended society and the Gods.Escape to FreedomFresh Water Ponds - Life
It was a place to repent and escape death. Somehow it seemed like a place to release and forgive. We did our own forgiveness ritual. It just seemed right. The Gods Talk Here

Even as I sit writing this tonight, I can feel the serene energy I experienced as I walked through the grounds. What or why, neither Mar nor could I say. It was powerful. If you ever go, take a moment to give thanks, to forgive yourself or others and ask for guidance.

Hmmm…. Again, I’m in that space of refuge from what? Myself? My past? My future? My mental entrapments? I’m finding it hard to mentally leave that place of refuge and continue recounting our day.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

We had our most beautiful snorkeling experience so far in the trip at Two Steps beach. I saw a large eel, but no dolphins. Don't miss the spotts for the middle of his body
Satisfied and pleasingly tired, we hauled ourselves up the two rock steps and onto the solidified black lava rocks where we warmed both sides of our bodies.

Off to Civilization

We drove into our condo where there was a fully-loaded mango tree across the street, stashed our gear, thought about taking a nap, but couldn’t not go look at the public beach and boat launch right next to our inner-city retreat. We are at Keauhea Beach City Park where we are to be at 7:45 am tomorrow morning to board the boat for our swim with the dolphins adventure.

I will admit that I have been a little anxious: what if we do not see dolphins? Our trip was with a highly recommended dolphin swim group - one love one spirit.

Coach Colleen
The absolute first step to finding true love is preparing yourself emotionally. It is fun with my Total True Love system. It makes online dating much, much easier.

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May 17, 2009

Hawaii and Abe Lincoln Meet in Paradise, Day 5

Today we decided South Point and the Green Sand Beach and, maybe, back to the lava flow after dark (a token thought). Well, we never made it back to the lava flow because our day was full of new marvels and a very, very, very long walk.

Yes, back to Turtle Beach as we started our southerly adventure. Mar wanted to see The Green Sand Beach so we started on what we thought to be a 45 min mild walk according to the guide book. Hot Dusty RoadOnly a few minutes on the dusty inland straight path in 85 degree, humid, no trade winds terrain, we made our way to the flattish black lava coastline. Mar stopped counting at 15 bays. One and a half hours later, we arrived at another beach in paradise. Mar stopped counting as we walked the coastline

Our exhaustion was overshadowed by the beauty of this bowl of turquoise water and slightly green sandy beach. Why in the middle of a flat lava rock coastline a horseshoe outcrop of olivine rock 150 feet high mysteriously appears is, well, a mystery. But, there it was and it took our breath away. Isn't Mother Nature a True Wonder

We waited a few minutes to catch our breath and figure out how to get down. Yes, those were people climbing up what appeared to be a nearly vertical rock face. Hmmmm.... Not a place to be afraid of heights!Thank goodness for optical illusions. The climb down and back up wasn’t bad. One of the best parts, I will admit, was the ledge at the bottom that afforded shade for us the weary trekkers. This was only day 4 in the sun so shade after a 1.5 hour walk in the direct sunlight was heaven sent – we would have the same long trek back to our car.

After watching the waves for about 15 minutes, we were about to go into the water when a series of big waves sent several body surfers tumbling head over heals. Even the 4 local buff guys who were there got out of the water. Flat calm, then....The bigger ones were yet to com

A little further around the shore we arrived at the southernmost tip of the United States. The Hawaiian’s are quick to point out that South Point is further south than Key West in Florida.
Check out this map of the world map. It shows it clearly.

The waves while not huge were dramatic. I sat out on the lava for a few minutes but had to move away from the shore not because the waves were near me but because I imagined that they could be and the result would be next stop Tahiti. I’d made the reverse trip on a 38-foot sailboat and it took 23 days. The seas were the roughest as we sailed by the Big Island on our way to Honolulu.

The waves were scary because each one was different and I’d just seen the waves at Green Sand Beach change dramatically. I know enough to know that if there were not any locals sitting this far out there was probably a very good reason. At times, I can let my imagination run amuck and this was one of those times. I moved back and had a much more serene experience. Tahiti next stop

The power of those waves was captivating, mesmerizing and deserving of great respect. We sat there and made an offering to the Spirit of the Pacific. Even now as I write this, I feel hollowness, no, more of a vastness in my stomach. We are so small sometimes.

A Personal Icon for Success in Life

The offering I left to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean at South Point was a Lincoln penny, a token of what I hold dear – clarity, brevity, respect, perseverance, honor and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get the job done right.

Why a Lincoln Penny?

Read the full article which is about using symbols to attract your perfect job at my Resumes 4 Interviews blog

Coach Colleen
Please feel free to send my all your pennies. Find your true love symbol using the Total True Love system.

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May 16, 2009

Day 4 in Paradise

An Awakening

Another Day in Paradise is like any other day filled with little decisions about what to do. Today our choices take us in opposite directions – one north, one south.

Even in Paradise You Have to Live with the Consequences

North to the lava tubes, then to the unparalleled Hawaii Botanical Gardens in Hilo; then back to the free flowing lava at dusk for the dramatic orange glow of molten earth flowing into the sea. Or, south to stand on the southern-most tip of the United States, a very spiritual place we’ve been told. And, a walk in to one of the two green sand beaches in the world (so we heard).

I watched the weather report and a front was forecast to arrive tomorrow. It’s a 20 minute walk to the lava flow, so we decided to beat the rain and go today.

Any guesses where our first stop was? Turtle Beach, of course. And, we were not disappointed. Sitting here I think I want to just sit and watch the turtle. Watching a turtle sunbath in the same hot baking sun as you are sitting under is not the most exciting venture – my hat’s off to all those National Geographic photographers.

Walk-In Tubes

The Lava Tubes, our first stop today, were quite dramatic. Lava Tubes I can say this with all certainly because I did not notice the gain in elevation. Walking uphill in hot, humid weather is taxing if you are not used to it. Seattle is rarely 85 degrees during the peak of summer. We had descended several flights of stairs to reach the lava tubes. I was so engrossed in the surroundings that I never noticed the elevation change which was not insignificant because we only ascended one short flight to exit.

Next, we drove to Hilo and sat at a city park on the bay and ate a late lunch before we strolled the grounds. It was getting close to rush hour and we were on vacation and considered getting out of town now to avoid the traffic congestion – flashback to home. But, seeing at least one lush tropical garden was top on Mar’s list of wants, so we decided to brave the traffic and go there. We ended up in gridlock but it was so worth it.

Hawaii Botanical Gardens is a must see. How to describe the over the top extravaganza of color and drama. Red was the predominant color. I’m sure there is a botanical reason, but I don’t know it. All I know is that it was extraordinarily big and bright and exotic. In every direction we looked we saw a different flower. Thankfully, there were not hoards of insects because my mouth hung open as we looked up and around to the next explosion of nature on steroids. Mar’s repetitive verbal reaction was ‘Oh, my God!’ All I could say ‘Look at THIS!’ and THIS! and THIS! and THIS! You get the picture. If not, here are a few.

Oh, My God! Look at This! And there is more and moreStrange! Amazing! I wonder if you could use them for ladels?

About ¼ mile outside the gardens in the middle of nowhere on a windy road, we passed and backtracked to a smoothie stand. Oh, my God! Was my reaction. I’d go back to Hilo just for another mango, pineapple juice, papaya and banana smoothie.

On the Road to Lava: Gridlock and Rain… Torrential Rain…

Let me set the stage. The main road around the Island, Highway 11, is a two lane, winding highway where passing is nearly impossible. Plus, the closer you get to the equator, the quicker the sun goes down. In Hawaii, it’s dark, dark and darker after sunset.

We plowed right in to the middle of rush hour traffic as we exited Hilo on the adventure of a lifetime – seeing flowing lava. Remembering, Hilo is the rainy side of the island, we were expecting an afternoon shower, but NOT a torrential rainstorm. It seems that the storm front was ahead of forecast and arrived just as we were leaving Hilo. Dusk was an hour off, but who would have guessed. Darkness and driving rain exaggerated by our speeding car (40 mph) combined with us not knowing where we were going contributed to our 6 miles to the lava turn and another 11 miles and a 20-min walk to flowing lava.

11 Miles to Lava… Or So We Thought

It took us over 1 hour to go 11 miles because of the traffic and the rain. We pulled of the road a couple of times because we could not see the car in front or behind us. Charging on at turtle speed we decided that rain would only make the steam plume bigger and we were from rainy Seattle, so we were going to the Lava Flow in the rain… or so we thought. Here are two what we missed photos from the USGS site. You can see why it's best at night We saw this from a distance on a different day

As we finally approach the rangers who were to direct us to flow, we saw people not going forward but turning around. The wind had shifted with the front and it was too dangerous to allow people into the area.
VOG, Volcano Off Gas, is noxious and can kill. We had seen the VOG every day but hadn’t thought much about it. My friend Martha who lives in Kona part of the year warned me about VOG. Her ex-business partner’s friend died of an asthma attack triggered by VOG.

My Reaction Could Spoil My Day… or NOT

As we turned around, we both knew we wouldn’t be back this trip. Seeing flowing lava was on my must-do list. In that moment, I thought about my reaction. I could be upset and throw a temper tantrum. Or, I could go with the flow (or ‘go with the wind’) and accept what is.

For me, it is often more easy to accept what is when I’m on vacation than in my everyday life. So, I put seeing flowing lava on my ‘to do in my lifetime list’ and we started on our two hour trip back to our Island home.
We had made a decision early that morning. Was it the right one? Who would I blame anyway – the weather forecasters, the storm front, the rangers, God?

It was my choice

I was at a choice point. I decided that nothing was going to get in the way of me having a wonderful time on my anniversary vacation – nothing has that kind of power over me.

Coach Colleen
Find yourself and then find you can find your true love. The Total True Love system is a self-discovery system for finding yourself in relationship to love. Then, you can if you want find the love of your life. Finding the love of your life is an inside job. Use this system with online dating or even before.

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