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June 12, 2008

Affirmative Pray: Soul to Soul Mate


Here is one semi-structured way of praying. Give it a try and see what happens.

The basic premises is that you are a part of the Universe, God, Spirit, or Whatever You Call It. Now, think about this… If you are a part of the Great Spirit, maybe you believe you were made in Its image and likeness. And, if this Universal Presence is all present, doesn’t it make sense that you too are part of this Universal Stuff?

I can remember one time when I was about 3 (I think) I was standing in my church when it was empty (my grandmother cleaned the church). I looked up at the altar and the cross and thought to myself - God is in me too. I’ve believed that ever since.

If God is in me, then all I have to do is talk to my soul. As I child, I visualized my soul as a 3-D dog bone that I talked to. As an adult, I stopped talking to the dog bone within, but I’ve started again using this technique called affirmative prayer.

First, acknowledge your God and the qualities that that represents to you - love, peace, joy, happiness, etc.

Second, like in my story above, realize that you are one with your God. However that looks to you. Maybe you are love because your God is love, peace and joy. All I know is that whatever anyone calls it, it is everything to everyone. So realize what it is to you.

Third, state what you would like - a new home, a job, more money, true love in specific terms. I like to include more qualitative terms that exemplify how I would feel if I found my soul mate, a new home, a better job, had more money. Here is an example. If I found my soul mate I would feel peaceful, content, excited, warm, passionate, loving, joyful. I want to not only find my soul mate but I want to feel those feelings everyday in my life, even during the tough times.

Fourth, give thanks in advance for receiving these gifts. If you feel funny about this, just practice and see what happens. It’s like giving thanks that your friend is going to pick you up at the airport next week; of course it hasn’t happened yet, but you are living your life as if it will because you are so sure of it you can thank them in advance.

Now here is a key… Sometimes we say to ourselves, “I can’t because…” and the list is huge.
If you do this, try a statement like this one: “I, right here and right now, release all thoughts of unworthiness, not-enoughness, un-deservingness. I am worthy of happiness and joy. I am enough just as I am. I deserve a joyful and happy life because I am me, I am part of that Universal Goodness from which all things originate, the God-Source of all life. I claim this because it is true. I release all negative thoughts, all should’s and should not’s as I step into the beauty and strength of myself.”

Last, let go of trying to control the situation, let your prayer float down the river, let it fly away in a helium-filled balloon. Don’t dwell on it, don’t look for signs that it is or is not happening, has or has not happened, can not or will not happen. Just forget about it and trust.

Okay, I just used a huge word-’TRUST.’ If you are skeptical, scared, or just plain doubting, borrow my faith long enough to practice this process. If it doesn’t work for you, then you don’t have to do it anymore.

How long do I have to wait for results?
I’ll address this tomorrow.

I have a few specific prayers on squidoo that are generally written in this style.
Prosperity Prayer

Coach Colleen
The answers are within… all you have to do is stop, look and listen.
Find your irresistible definition of true love within yourself and find true love in the world.

Want to learn more about affirmative prayer. The above steps are from an trans-denominational form of prayer as verbalized by Ernest Holmes.

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  1. I signed in this morning to add a post, but was taken to this entry that I posted over 4 months ago.

    I wonder why? Being curious about coincidences is a wonder characteistic, so why am I here… Maybe I should read what I wrote.


    Hmmm… how about this which I am reading about this morning.

    That good shall come if you in it believe.

    I would like to share a prayer I’ve had for a number of years. This is not just any prayer, but an unanswered prayer - that is until just recently.

    My prayer was that I had a partner to do the computer-related aspect of my Total True Love business. My prayer was not answered for several years. Why? Because I thwarted my own prayer by my belief that it had to look and feel a certain way.

    Here is the key, once I let go of how I thought it should be, the perfect partner showed up in my life. He’s working on computer marketing right now while I’m writing this post.

    I let go of my old patterns of thinking - what I teach in the Total True Love process for finding true love in the world - and I found what I wanted deep down. I let go of my mental patterning that clouded what I really wanted which was partnership.

    If you practice prayer or just ask the universe for help, can you release your mental patterns of thinking about the physical attributes of what you are looking and let the energy of universal manifestation flow through you and lead you to your right result? Whether you are looking for a house, a car, or true love.

    If you try this, please share with all of us what happens. We adults love to learn by reading stories and applying the principles to our own lives.

    Thanks, for being her.

    Commented by Colleen on October 13, 2008 at 7:04 am

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